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Higher Jeweller’s Certificate

What makes the Higher Jeweller’s Certificate unique

  • In-depth training on the jewel-making expertise that lies at the heart of this business, with particular emphasis on CAD/CAM
  • Students can be awarded one of three distinctions according to their results:
    • Jewellery Making Distinction
    • Applied Art and Jewellery Drawing Distinction
    • CAD/CAM Distinction

The degree programme prepares students for two national degrees: the Jewellery Arts and Techniques CAP and the Certification in Jewellery Arts Trade, Jewellery Arts.

Professions / Opportunities

The CSJ prepares students for two careers: jeweller and 3D designer, at one of the foremost workshops of French manufacturers or for one of the major names on Place Vendôme.

  • The jeweller creates and shapes jewels from precious metals. After the modelling/prototyping stage, the jeweller forms the jewel from a variety of constituent elements. The jeweller also produces elements in wax, which will ultimately be melted
  • A 3D jewel designer develops and produces, using a variety of materials supplied, the technical computer files needed to produce jewel prototypes and models.

Prerequisites/Target Audience

  • Candidates must be between 16 and 21.
  • Entry to the Production section is subject to competitive examination and motivation interview.


Duration 3 years, including:

– 3,500 hours of in-class teaching.                               
– 350 hours autonomously.
– 38 hours per week.

It also includes 10 weeks of internship:

– 6 weeks in Year 2.  
– 4 weeks in Year 3.

Next sessions

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  • Duration 3 years
  • Address 58, rue du Louvre, 75002 Paris
  • Prerequisites 16 - 21 years old



Learning the basics

Technical production
  • Jewel production
  • Technical volume
  • Infographics (CAD/CAM)
  • Professional technology
Graphic outputs
  • Technical drawing
  • Art drawing
  • Art history
Additional lessons
  • Gemmology
  • Economics and management
  • Regulations

Refining skills

Technical production
  • Jewel production
  • Plastiline and wax modelling
  • Infographics (CAO / CFAO)
  • Professional technology
Graphic outputs
  • Technical drawing
  • Art drawing
  • Art history

Assurer de façon autonome des responsabilités de conception

Technical production
  • Jewel production
  • Presentation models and prototypes
  • Infographic (CAO / CFAO): personal project
  • Professional technology
Graphic outputs
  • Technical drawing
  • Art drawing
  • Art history


With regard to graphic creations, the teaching of technical drawing and art drawing serves a personal project.

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