FAQ : reprise, rattrapage stages, examens...

La Haute Ecole de Joaillerie rouvrira progressivement ses portes le 18 Mai 2020. Trouvez nos réponses ici concernant le passage des stages, des examens nationaux, le rattrapage des cours et les conditions sanitaires de la reprise. Dans un contexte particulièrement évolutif, cette FAQ sera mise à jour régulièrement...

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Internationale course presentation

The Haute Ecole de Joaillerie is a full contributor to the promotion of French excellence. The Haute Ecole de Joaillerie is the one and only school training professionals for the Jewellery Trade.

For 150 years, the Haute Ecole de Joaillerie has taught more than 20,000 students who sustain the international reputation and influence of French Fine Jewellery


Because training opportunities are so numerous and diversified, our school can help you build your project and offers tailor-made training based around your needs.

Our school provides made-to-measure jewellery training, for students who wish to discover French jewellery, learn and master most of the jewellery making techniques or discover the universe of the Luxury Maisons. We also offer specific modules designed for those who wish to learn new skills or want to upgrade their qualifications.

  • French-Chinese translation provided
  • Teaching team of highly qualified professionals
  • Tools and equipment provided