Life of the school

Who will pay for my drawing materials or workshop toolkit? Can the Haute École de Joaillerie help me with housing? How will my schedule be? To whom can I talk about my disability? We are ready to help our students with all their administrative procedures.

The conferences

Each year, a series of conferences is organised at Haute École de Joaillerie on topics relating to the professional world of jewellery.

A disability-friendly organisation

The work-study department of Haute Ecole de Joaillerie wishes to participate actively in implementing a disability-friendly approach. Sensitive to the challenges of diversity, concerned to promote equal opportunities in compliance with the 11 February 2005 Act and convinced of the interest of integrating people with disabilities into the branch, the teaching team is particularly attentive to apprentices with a disability, so as to help them integrate into professional life.

On its own scale, Haute École de Joaillerie also wishes to contribute to a change of perspective on disability.

Its objective is to create a connection between companies in the sector and people with disabilities who are driven by a professional project and are skilled.

Our commitments

Human resources: The teaching team at the work-study department of Haute École de Joaillerie is educated about welcoming apprentices with disabilities. An administrative reference person, in charge of the disability mission, ensures that the training takes place as smoothly as possible. Connected to the non-profit sector and those involved in training, the reference person seeks the most appropriate solutions to the situation of the disabled. The reference person can thus help the instructors overcome any problems that may arise during the training, both at the CFA and in the company. The reference person is available to receive the disabled apprentice whenever the latter feels the need.

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Disabilities Mission

For any tasks relating to the Disabilities Mission, you can contact us via the switchboard
at +331 40 26 98 00, or by e-mail to

The specific features of work-study for a worker with a disability.

A disabled worker, at least 16 years old, may take out an apprenticeship contract, without age limit, to earn a professional qualification while benefiting from special arrangements.

The training may differ from the usual provisions of apprenticeship, in particular as regards the material arrangements, duration, or even the introduction of special arrangements during the examination procedures (one-third time, interpreter, etc…).

Depending on the young person’s disability, training may need to be adapted, either with specific teaching materials or in terms of the layout of part of the premises.

If the young person’s state of health so requires, the period of theoretical instruction given in a training centre may be increased by one year or more:

  • either at the start of the contract
  • or during training

The duration of the contract will therefore be modified to take account of this extension.


To participate in courses, it is mandatory that students be equipped with specific drawing materials and workshop tools. The total cost of this toolkit is approximately €1,000, that of the drawing materials is €400. The list of this equipment and that of suppliers is provided at the time of final registration. Consumables: the work equipment and course materials are included in the tuition fees.

Food Services

Haute École de Joaillerie is a day school, without half board. An outfitted space is made available to students every day from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm so that they can take their meals there.


Upon request, enrolled pupils can be provided with a list of Parisian hostels where they can be accommodated.


The School’s students are covered by basic school insurance. This scheme does not entitle beneficiaries to student social security. Depending on their age, pupils will be covered by their parents’ social security or will have to take out personal insurance.

The educational charter

Each student or trainee signs a Charter upon entering Haute École de Joaillerie which defines students’ rights and responsibilities.


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