WEBINAIR REUNION D'INFORMATION – Les CAP de la Haute Ecole de Joaillerie

Le Mercredi 15 Juillet 18h00-19h00 : La Haute Ecole de Joaillerie assurera un webinaire réunion d’information sur le CAP en Formation Professionnelle Continue. A qui s'adresse ce diplôme ? Quelles sont les modalités d'inscription ? Quels sont les débouchés ?

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The internship is a unique opportunity for students to prove themselves with major professionals, and for the company an often confirmed opportunity to recruit one of their future talents.

It is the excellent relationship of Haute École de Joaillerie with the companies in the Trade, built on 150 years of common history, that allows each student to offer a highly qualified professional network.

Each student of Haute École de Joaillerie will be offered an internship in the company that best matches their profile, depending on their personal aspirations, technical skills and specialisation.

Satisfying the needs of companies, perfecting the training of students with an adapted and rich training course: therein lies the challenge which Haute École de Joaillerie’s leadership, supported by the Training Commission composed of professionals and teachers, endeavours to respond each year.


12 weeks of internship integrated into the 3-year course.


9 weeks of internship integrated into the 3-year course.