A bit of history


years of tradition and know-how

Since the Middle Ages, the jewel-making industry has passed down from master to apprentice. This tradition perfectly secures the “doing”, namely the making. However, in the nineteenth century, the realisation emerged in the French jewellery industry that design required additional training in the development of jewellery: volumes through modelling, design for creation. More generally speaking, craftsmanship is similar to artistic studies.


the school is created

Consequently, from 1864 on, the young Chambre Syndicale de la Bijouterie-Joaillerie decided to create a jewellery school to train future jewellers. As no premises were yet dedicated to the profession, the jewellery sketching classes were first taught at the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers. Prominent names such as Boucheron and Vever brought their support to the project.


the opening

The School opened up to enamelling, chiselling, gilding and other courses… The pupils’ work culminated in a gold medal at the 1889 World Fair and the Grand Prix at the 1900 World’s Fair.

In 1919, the Chambre Syndicale inaugurated its new building at 58, rue du Louvre, and already visionary, devoted 90% of the space to its school on six floors. The curricula were enriched, adapting to new technologies and always in response to workshop needs.


a continuing heritage

From 2002, the major names on Place Vendôme in turn sponsored graduating classes : Boucheron, Bulgari, Cartier, Chaumet, Dior, Fred, Louis Vuitton, Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels.

Since its creation in 1864, UFBJOP’s mission has been to promote the jewellery trades, to enhance their historical heritage, and to accompany them in their development.

It is the House of all jewellery players, bringing together all its disciplines in a universal vision of a craft that has now become a luxury industry of world-wide renown, with the famed Vendôme brands, designer brands, makers, setters, goldsmiths, traders in precious metals, diamond dealers, and traders in stones and pearls.


international resonance

Earning 5.2 billion euros from export, UFBJOP is a highly competitive French industry on the world’s jewellery market.

Haute École de Joaillerie now offers curricula preparing students for all the diplomas in the branch: these include not only the Vocational Aptitude Certificate (CAP), the Arts Trades Certification (BMA), but also the Higher Jeweller’s Certificate (CSJ) and the Bachelor’s in Jewellery Design.

It also aims to promote new computer-based jewellery design techniques, in resonance with the demands of the trade and openness to the international.

The School trains nearly 600 students a year in the jewellery and gemmology trades, in initial training, work-study programmes and continuing vocational training. The employability rate of 100% of its graduates makes Haute École de Joaillerie the breeding ground for workshops, large luxury brands and the sector as a whole.

In a proactive dynamic, the Haute École de Joaillerie is internationalising and continually adapting its courses to the needs of the profession.


Les samedis 10 février, 17 Févier et 23 mars 2024, la Haute École de Joaillerie ouvre ses portes à Paris, Lyon et Aix-en-Provence

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