FAQ : reprise, rattrapage stages, examens...

La Haute Ecole de Joaillerie rouvrira progressivement ses portes le 18 Mai 2020. Trouvez nos réponses ici concernant le passage des stages, des examens nationaux, le rattrapage des cours et les conditions sanitaires de la reprise. Dans un contexte particulièrement évolutif, cette FAQ sera mise à jour régulièrement...

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Work-study training

Followed within the framework of an apprenticeship contract, work-study training is a double teaching provided in part at a company, for hands-on training, and concurrently, at Haute École de Joaillerie for theoretical and technological training.

It thus makes it possible to gain real professional experience and a qualification attested by a diploma.

  • The Certificate of Professional Aptitude, or CAP Jewellery Arts and Techniques, is a national Level V diploma. It has 3 options: Jewellery, Setting and Polishing.
  • The Certification in Jewellery Arts Trades, or BMA in Jewellery, is a national Level 4 Degree. It is offered with 2 options: Jewellery and Polishing.
  • The Diploma in Jewellery Arts Trades, or DMA in Jewellery, is a Level 3 degree.
  • The CAP in Lapidary is offered with 2 options: Diamond or Coloured Stones.
  • The Goldsmithing BMA is offered with 1 option: Mounting-Turning