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Devenez gemmologue expert : découvrez le CQP en gemmologie. ✓ A qui s'adresse ce cursus ? ✓ Quelles sont les modalités d'inscription ? ✓ Quels sont les débouchés ? Au 58 rue du Louvre, Paris/01 40 26 98 00


Work-study training

Followed within the framework of an apprenticeship contract, work-study training is a double teaching provided in part at a company, for hands-on training, and concurrently, at Haute École de Joaillerie for theoretical and technological training.

It thus makes it possible to gain real professional experience and a qualification attested by a diploma.

  • The Certificate of Professional Aptitude, or CAP Jewellery Arts and Techniques, is a national Level V diploma. It has 3 options: Jewellery, Setting and Polishing.
  • The Certification in Jewellery Arts Trades, or BMA in Jewellery, is a national Level 4 Degree. It is offered with 2 options: Jewellery and Polishing.
  • The Diploma in Jewellery Arts Trades, or DMA in Jewellery, is a Level 3 degree.
  • The CAP in Lapidary is offered with 2 options: Diamond or Coloured Stones.
  • The Goldsmithing BMA is offered with 1 option: Mounting-Turning