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The Sales Advisor pathway


To gain the technical know-how needed in the sales profession in order to provide more complete information to the consumer, and gain new skills in marketing, merchandising and product sales.

Prerequisites/Target Audience

Anyone working in sales and wishing to gain sales and marketing skills applied to gems, jewellery and watches, and broaden their knowledge of product manufacturing techniques

Session and price 

Upon request.


contacts / 01 40 26 98 00

Next sessions

05/11/18 to 26/02/19
3570 € HT / training*
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04/03/18 to 25/06/19
3570 € HT / training*
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* Price of the trainings may vary according to the speakers.

  • Duration 140 hours
  • Place 58, rue du Louvre, 75002 Paris



  • Gold and precious metals
  • History of art and jewellery
  • Jewellery culture and value chain
  • Jewellery and setting workshop
  • Jewellery marketing and point of sale management
  • Sales and merchandising techniques
  • Brand and benchmark
  • Watchmaking culture
  • The jewellery showcases on Place Vendôme
  • Gemmology: diamond and coloured stones
  • Case studies
  • HR Coaching

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