WEBINAIR REUNION D'INFORMATION – Les CQP de la Haute Ecole de Joaillerie

Le jeudi 9 juillet 18h00-19h00 : La Haute Ecole de Joaillerie assurera un webinaire réunion d’information sur les CQP Bijouterie Joaillerie et Gemmologie A qui s'adressent ces diplômes ? Quelles sont les modalités d'inscription ? Quels sont les débouchés ?

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Professional courses

 | Professional training

The Sales Advisor pathway


To gain the technical know-how needed in the sales profession in order to provide more complete information to the consumer, and gain new skills in marketing, merchandising and product sales.

Prerequisites/Target Audience

Anyone working in sales and wishing to gain sales and marketing skills applied to gems, jewellery and watches, and broaden their knowledge of product manufacturing techniques.


contacts / 01 40 26 98 00

Next sessions

05/11/18 to 26/02/19
3570 € HT / training*
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04/03/18 to 25/06/19
3570 € HT / training*
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* Price of the trainings may vary according to the speakers.

  • Duration 140 hours
  • Place 58, rue du Louvre, 75002 Paris



  • Gold and precious metals
  • History of art and jewellery
  • Jewellery culture and value chain
  • Jewellery and setting workshop
  • Jewellery marketing and point of sale management
  • Sales and merchandising techniques
  • Brand and benchmark
  • Watchmaking culture
  • The jewellery showcases on Place Vendôme
  • Gemmology: diamond and coloured stones
  • Case studies
  • HR Coaching

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