Admission to the CSJ

To enter the Jewel Creation programme, during which students work to earn a Higher Jeweller’s Certificate (CSJ), applicants must complete a series of hands-on tests in jewel-making. The purpose of these hands-on jewel-making tests is to determine whether the applicant possesses the skills essential to the practice of jewel-making: precision, quality of execution, but also concentration, logic and speed.

Each year, 30 applicants (out of 180 tested) join Haute École de Joaillerie based on competitive examination. The examination is divided into two parts: a series of hands-on and graphic tests and a face-to-face interview.

The purpose of the tests is not to judge the technical knowledge they have gained, but to assess an aptitude. Candidates are ranked according to the general average earned during the competitive examination. They can thus be put on the waiting list and, in the event of withdrawal, be contacted to become part of the student body.

The 45 applicants having received the best marks on these tests are invited to a 20-minute interview, conducted by a professional and a teacher. Applicants are asked about their motivations and determination to enter a profession that requires as much discipline as it does passion.

Download the registration form for the Competitive Examination to enter Haute École de Joaillerie

Hands-on tests (7 hours)

Execution: 4 hours

  • Metal cutting
  • Forming
  • Moulding

Graphics: 3 hours


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