FAQ : reprise, rattrapage stages, examens...

La Haute Ecole de Joaillerie rouvrira progressivement ses portes le 18 Mai 2020. Trouvez nos réponses ici concernant le passage des stages, des examens nationaux, le rattrapage des cours et les conditions sanitaires de la reprise. Dans un contexte particulièrement évolutif, cette FAQ sera mise à jour régulièrement...

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Admission to the bachelor’s in jewellery design programme

Bachelor’s in Jewellery Design, a three-year programme to become familiar with creation and jewellery inspirations.

To enter the 1st year

You hold an STD2A Baccalaureate, MANAA, or are a graduate of a BMA, or have a BTS in Product Design or equivalent.

Admission method: school records and interview

  • 10 to 15 samples of personal work (format to be chosen by the applicant),
  • 1 sketch book
  • A book of photos of creations in volume (modelling, sculpture, clay, etc.)
  • Any other item which the applicant deems useful to support his/her application.

Download the admission file (registration for the 2017-2018 academic year are open from 18 March 2017)

To enter the 3rd year

You hold a DMA in Jewel Arts or equivalent degree (Level IV Arts or Design School degree in Jewellery or Ornament Design).

Admission method: school records and interview

  • DMA plan,
  • 10 samples of personal work,
  • 10 samples of personal work.

Download the admission file

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