Admission to the bachelor’s in jewellery design programme

Bachelor’s in Jewellery Design, a three-year programme to become familiar with creation and jewellery inspirations.

To enter the 1st year

You hold an  Baccalaureate, or have a BTS in Product Design or equivalent.

Admission method: school records and interview

  • 10 to 15 samples of personal work (format to be chosen by the applicant),
  • 1 sketch book
  • A book of photos of creations in volume (modelling, sculpture, clay, etc.)
  • Any other item which the applicant deems useful to support his/her application

To enter the 3rd year

Admission method: school records and interview

  • 10 samples of personal work
  • Any other selection that the candidate deems appropriate to support their candidacy
  • Download the booking form HERE 
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