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Additional Distinction in Jewellery


The additional distinction in jewellery is a diploma which allows access to the profession of jeweller, in charge of preparing, making and assembling a gemmed jewel.

Prerequisites/Target Audience

  • Hold a Jewellery Arts and Techniques CAP

  • Duration 418 hours
  • Place 58, rue du Louvre, 75002 Paris



Technical production

  • Study of shaping and volume by stamping
  • Study of jewellery developments
  • Executing types of shafts, gem-settings, settings
  • Study of joints, ratchets, bellows
  • Machining and assembly
  • Professional jewellery technology

Technical volume

  • Translating and interpreting volumes
  • Producing jewellery volumes out of plasticine
  • Producing volumes and models out of was intended for melting

Art drawing

  • Gouache representation of materials used in jewellery: metals (yellow gold, grey gold,
    pink gold), cabochon and faceted gems
  • Art History: The Great Civilizations from Antiquity to the Modern Day

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