Haute École de Joaillerie – Initial Training Department

For more than 150 years, the Initial Training Department of the Haute École de Joaillerie has been working to secure the future of the jewellery sector’s professions by passing on traditional know-how alongside the newest technologies.

The Trade’s School

Located at 58 rue du Louvre, in the city mansion housing Union Française de la Bijouterie, the directors of Haute École de Joaillerie are elected representatives of the Union. The school therefore has the support and expertise of its trade’s professionals. The premises offer pupils all the workshops and equipment needed to thoroughly learn the gem and jewellery trades, from age-old tradition to the most modern design technologies.

Age and diplomas

Haute École de Joaillerie prepares students for the national diplomas in the branch and fulfils all the requirements of the French National Education System. As a private training centre, it charges students for tuition.

Students entering the Initial Training Department of Haute École de Joaillerie must be between ages 16 and 21.

The initial training programme offers 2 courses of 3 years each: in the production degree programme, upon completion of which they can be awarded the Higher Jeweller’s Certificate (CSJ), a degree unique to the school and fully in step with the needs of the profession. This section produces practitioners capable of making jewellery from start to finish. In the Design section, students work to earn a Bachelor’s in Jewellery Design: this degree, also specific to the school, trains in the professions of jewellery, accessory and precious object design-creation.

These two degrees denote professionals ready to work and are recognised all across the sector. Concurrently, students preparing the SCJ can test for two other national diplomas: the Jewellery Arts and Techniques CAP and the Arts Profession and Jewel Arts Certification.

3 sectors: production/creation / digital

Full-time initial training is structured in two degree programmes:

  • a 3-year programme in Production, which culminates in the Higher Jeweller’s Certificate (CSJ)
  • a 3-year programme in Creation, leading to the Bachelor’s Degree in Jewellery Design
  • a programme in digital, leading to the digital Bachelor's Degree.

Unique in France, the CSJ, designed in collaboration with the trade, offers an apprenticeship in the technical mastery of the most advanced procedures, integrating the new technologies, and enables students to develop autonomy in the design of a piece of jewellery.

The Bachelor’s programme in Jewellery Design is a three-year course training future creators and designers in the jewellery sector, from costume jewellery to jewellery and luxury accessories. Directly professionalising, the Bachelor’s in Jewellery Design curriculum is structured around creative workshops, internships (workshops or houses) and exchanges with the top European design schools.

Whatever the sector, priority is given to professional immersion with several weeks of internship integrated.

These certifications are currently being filed with the RNCP.

At the same time, students can prepare national diplomas:

  • the Jewellery Arts and Techniques CAP and the Arts Trades Certification (BMA) in Jewellery, on the Production end,
  • the Arts Trades Diploma (DMA), in Creation.


Les samedis 10 février, 17 Févier et 23 mars 2024, la Haute École de Joaillerie ouvre ses portes à Paris, Lyon et Aix-en-Provence

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