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Polishing Operator PQC

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Le Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle est une reconnaissance professionnelle nationale. Reconnu par l’ensemble des entreprises de la branche, le CQP certifie qu’un salarié maîtrise l’ensemble des compétences d’un emploi donné défini.

Polishing Operator PQC why ?

The CQP certifies all the skills necessary to practice the trade of polisher in jewellery.



Block 1 - Production processes and techniques

Becoming proficient in the various types of polishing used in jewellery

Block 2 - equipment, tools and materials

Proficiency in using all equipment, tools and materials used for polishing jewellery

Block 3 - materials and products

Being familiar with the materials, metals and gems used in jewellery

Block 4 - Quality, hygiene, safety and health in the workplace

Knowing how to check the quality of the polishing work performed

Being familiar with the health and safety rules in the company and on the workstation

Block 5 - Professional organisation and communication

Understanding the business environment, technical documentation, knowing how to pass on information

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