Higher Jeweller’s Certificate – CSJ Tuition fees

Tuition at Haute École de Joaillerie amount to 8,800€ for Production students, working to earn a Higher Jeweller’s Certificate (CSJ).

These fees includes the equipment and materials needed to take part in the coursework. They do not include the individual workshop tooling and drawing material which each student has to purchase.

For more than 150 years, the Initial Training Department at Haute École de Joaillerie has been working to secure the future of the jewellery sector’s professions by passing on traditional knowledge alongside the latest technologies.

Students entering the Initial Training Department of Haute École de Joaillerie must be between ages 16 and 21.

The initial training programme offers 2 courses of 3 years each: the production degree programme, rewarded by the Higher Jeweller’s Certificate (CSJ), a degree unique to the school and fully in step with the needs of the profession. This section produces practitioners capable of making jewellery from start to finish. In the Design section, students work to earn a Bachelor’s in Jewellery Design: this degree, also specific to the school, trains the in the professions of jewellery, accessory and precious object design-creation.

These two degrees denote professionals ready to work and are recognised all across the sector. Concurrently, students preparing the SCJ can test for two other national diplomas: the Jewellery Arts and Techniques CAP and the Arts Trades and Jewel Arts Certification.

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