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La Haute Ecole de Joaillerie rouvrira progressivement ses portes le 18 Mai 2020. Trouvez nos réponses ici concernant le passage des stages, des examens nationaux, le rattrapage des cours et les conditions sanitaires de la reprise. Dans un contexte particulièrement évolutif, cette FAQ sera mise à jour régulièrement...

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Manufacturing universe

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CAD – CAM- Initiation


Knowing the functions of 3D design software and carrying out jewellery pattern construction operations.


  • Have an interest in IT and knowledge of drawing software
  • Eligible for funding under CPF mechanism


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Next sessions - CAD - CAM- Initiation

06/04/20 to 17/04/20
2772 € TTC for the price.
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  • Duration 70 hours
  • Place 58, rue du Louvre, 75002 Paris



  • Introduction to Rhinoceros and extrusion tools
  • Making a technical layout and 1-rail and 2-rail scans
  • Becoming familiar with the UV and slide functions
  • Producing a realistic rendering and knowing the shape analysis tools
  • Performing file export

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