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Le jeudi 9 juillet 18h00-19h00 : La Haute Ecole de Joaillerie assurera un webinaire réunion d’information sur les CQP Bijouterie Joaillerie et Gemmologie A qui s'adressent ces diplômes ? Quelles sont les modalités d'inscription ? Quels sont les débouchés ?

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 | Graduate training

Jewellery Arts and Techniques CAP – Polishing Option

Le Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle (CAP) Art et Techniques de la Bijouterie-Joaillerie est un diplôme national de niveau V. Il comporte 3 options : bijouterie, sertissage et polissage.Ces formations diplômantes permettent d’acquérir la maîtrise des différentes techniques de fabrication, de sertissage ou de polissage d’un bijou.


The Jewellery Crafts and Techniques CAP – Polishing Option gives access to the profession of polisher. The polisher is responsible for bringing the last touch to the objects, restoring their shine to precious metals. This profession requires being skilful with one’s hands, meticulousness and minute attention to detail.

Prerequisites/Target Audience

  • Training is open to anyone with good manual dexterity and good perception of volumes.

Optional subjects

For non-Baccalaureate holders

  • French, History and Geography
  • Mathematics and Science
  • Living Foreign Language: English

Next sessions - Jewellery Arts and Techniques CAP - Polishing Option

07/09/18 to 24/05/19
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  • Duration 1143 hours
  • Place 58, rue du Louvre, 75002 Paris



Technical production

  • Study of metal surfaces
  • Preparation of individual pieces
  • Mastery of polishing tools and techniques
  • Understanding and knowing how to polish complete parts: threading, polishing lathe, manual lathe


Technical volumes

  • Translating and interpreting volumes
  • Producing jewellery volumes out of plasticine
  • Producing volumes and models out of was intended for melting


Art drawing

  • Gouache representation of materials used in jewellery
  • Rendering of volumes and stones


Technical drawing

  • Using instruments
  • Basic outlines and constructions
  • Perspective, enhancement, projection, elevation, cutting


Art History

  • The Great Civilizations from Antiquity to the Modern Day


Introduction to the jewellery production chain

  • Jewellery
  • Crimping

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